Young Conservation Professionals

YCP Background

The Young Conservation Professionals (YCP) Leadership Program is a year-long personal and professional development program serving the conservation and environmental sector in Ontario. The Centre for Land and Water Stewardship, University of Guelph, announced the YCP Leadership Program at the 2004 Latornell Conservation Symposium.

The purpose of the program is to build capacity in the conservation sector by helping the next generation of leaders to step up. The program includes retreats and workshops focusing on leadership development and key management skills.

YCP graduation ceremonies are held during the Latornell Conservation Symposium. Since program inception in 2005, YCP has enhanced the leadership and management skills of over 200 emerging conservation leaders.

For more information about YCP, please the YCP website.

Past Graduates

  1. Holly Anderson, Conservation Halton
  2. Christine Bowen, Bay Area Restoration Council
  3. Alexandra Bradburn, Otonabee Conservation Authority
  4. Emily J Chandler, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  5. Emily De Cloet, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
  6. Summer Graham, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  7. Michael J Kent, Forestry, City of Sarnia/ Lambton Wildlife
  8. Tatianna Lozier, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  9. Ericka Nardone, Credit Valley Conservation Authority
  10. James Somerville, Somerville Nurseries
  11. Gregory R. Urquhart, Friends of Hullett Marsh
  12. Julie Vanden Byllaardt, Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan
  1. Delaina Arnold, Georgian Bay Biosphere
  2. Sasha Benevides, Conservation Halton
  3. Normand Castanos, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  4. Michael Fry, Grey Sauble Conservation
  5. Spencer Macdonald, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  6. Sophia Maio, Credit Valley Conservation
  7. Sean Norman, Conservation Halton / Niagara Region
  8. Kaitlyn Read, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  9. Karissa Reischke, Conservation Ontario
  10. Jennifer Robinson, NSERC Canadian Network of Aquatic Ecosystem Services (University of Toronto)
  11. Rachael Scholten, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
  12. Ravi Singh, Forests Ontario
  13. Amy Tenbult, Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association
  14. Jenna Turgeon, Natural Resource Solutions Inc.
  15. Adam Wilford, Credit Valley Conservation
  1. Emily A. Araujo, CH2M
  2. Renée Charette, Trails Youth Initiative
  3. Melissa Deisley, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
  4. Greg Van Every, Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
  5. Kirushanth Gnanachandran, The Riverwood Conservancy
  6. Mark Looker, Credit Valley Conservation
  7. Spencer McDonald, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  8. Christopher Polap, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  9. Morgan Roblin, Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy
  10. Larissa Schiffmann, Ontario Streams
  11. Sheri Steiginga, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  12. Leanne Wallis, Credit Valley Conservation
  1. Lorraine Chung, Evergreen
  2. Diana Friesen, Conservation Halton
  3. Logan Juffermans, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  4. Monique Kelemen, Greenest City
  5. Tim Kuntz, Credit Valley Conservation
  6. Ian McCormick, Farmstart
  7. Hayley Paquette, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
  8. Jenna Quinn, rare Charitable Research Reserve
  9. Fraser Smith, Ganaraska Conservation
  10. Brian Tress, Credit Valley Conservation
  1. Chloe Brown, Greenbelt Foundation
  2. Diana Wilson, Toronto Botanical Garden
  3. Jay Adam, Farms at Work
  4. Jeff Sharp, St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
  5. Jenn Head, Muskoka Conservancy
  6. Jennifer van Overbeeke, Carolinian Canada Coalition
  7. Joshua Wise, Ontario Nature
  8. Kate Lillie, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  9. Laura McDonald, Credit Valley Conservation
  10. Lindsay Davidson, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  11. Matt Lacombe, South Nation Conservation Authority
  12. Melissa Williams, LEAF
  13. Renee Brock, Credit Valley Conservation
  14. Sarah Matchett, Conservation Halton
  15. Stephanie Durocher, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  16. Victoria Thomas, Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition
  1. Jessica C. Steiner, Wildlife Preservation Canada
  2. Emily Hansen, Ecological Farmers of Ontario
  3. Andrew Borer, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  4. Rebecca McQuaid, The Polaris Institute
  5. Jessica R. Kukac, Simcoe County District School Board
  6. Olivia Chan, Ontario Ministry of the Environment
  7. Christine McClure, Quinte Conservation
  8. Kendrick Doll, Ontario Heritage Trust
  9. Randall Van Wagner, Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
  10. Alice Lin, Ontario Farmland Trust
  11. Amy Mayes, Conservation Halton
  12. Holly Brose, EcoSpark
  13. Lindsay Maxim, Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre
  14. Kate Dykman, City of Markham
  1. Karen Alexander, The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation
  2. Allison Hands, Ontario Forestry Association
  3. Cassandra Stabler, Rural Lambton Stewardship Network
  4. Alexis Wood, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  5. Matthew Millar, Conservation Ontario
  6. Erin Bullis, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  7. Elizabeth Berestecki, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  8. Jennifer McCarter, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  9. Kristin Nyborg, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  10. Laura Gibson, Georgian Bay Land Trust
  11. Mike Halferty, Ontario Forestry Association
  12. Sara Chartrand, Southern Region IM and Spatial Analysis Unit, MNR
  13. Skeet Sutherland, Sticks and Stones Wilderness School
  1. Sarah Olinski, Ministry of Environment
  2. Stas Shulist, Ignatius Jesuit Centre
  3. Peter Hebert, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
  4. Violetta Tkaczuk, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  5. Marnie Guindon, Crowe Valley Conservation Authority
  6. Victoria Edwards, Credit Valley Conservation
  7. Kyle Vander Linden, Credit Valley Conservation
  8. Andrea Chreston, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  9. Allison Roberts, EcoSpark
  10. Julia Buck, Ministry of Natural Resources
  11. Chelsey Ellis, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  12. Dana Eldon, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  13. Sarah Hodgkiss, Couchinching Conservancy / Carolinian Canada Coalition
  14. Karla Young, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  15. Cristal Hart, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  16. Ashley Wilcox, Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
  17. Jennifer Arthur, Ministry of the Environment
  18. Esther E. Lambert, Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation / FutureWatch
  19. Peter Davis, Ontario Streams / University of Guelph
  20. Lisa Jennings, Hamilton Conservation Authority
  21. Kate Northcott, Nottawassaga Valley Conservation Authority
  1. Jessica Kaknevicius, Ontario Forestry Association
  2. Geoff Clark, Ministry of Natural Resources
  3. Sheryl Santos, Rouge Park
  4. Janelle Andrews, Durham Sustain Ability
  5. Lisa Beth Bulford, Grand River Conservation Authority
  6. Darren Campbell, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
  7. Patricia Davidson, currently working on creating her own ecotour business
  8. Ali Giroux, Nature Conservancy of Canada
  9. Amy Griffiths, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
  10. Lisa Fisk, formerly Evergreen and now doing a teaching degree
  11. Leslie Roach, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  12. Christine Schmalz, formerly Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
  13. Matt Setzkorn, Ontario Farmland Trust
  14. Diana Shermet, Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority
  15. Kathryn Ross, Ontario Land Trust Alliance
  16. Sabrina Chiefari, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (@ Kortright Centre)
  1. Christine Deschamps, Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority
  2. Rebecca Dolson, Toronto and Region Conservation
  3. Alexandra English, FarmStart
  4. Kristen Field, The Couchiching Conservancy
  5. Michael Gibbs, Peterborough Green-Up
  6. Natalie Kiers, Niagara Land Trust Foundation
  7. Sasha Lambrinos, Caring for the Moraine Project
  8. Caitlin Langlois, Evergreen
  9. Kate Lillicrap, Ministry of Natural Resources
  10. Vicki MacDonald, Rouge Park
  11. William Martin, Ontario Forestry Association
  12. Lori McLean, Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority
  13. Christine Pritchard, Ontario Streams
  14. Louise E. Ritchie, Ministry of Natural Resources
  15. Brianna Rustige, Hearthmakers
  16. Rebecca Spring, Pollution Probe
  17. Emily Van Halem, Local Food Plus
  18. Angela Van Niekerk, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
  19. Katarina Vuckovic, University of Guelph MSc Rural Planning
  20. Lyle Wood, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  1. Ian Aley, FoodShare Toronto
  2. Carolyn Bailey, EcoSource / MIAG
  3. Jessica Isaac, Conservation Ontario
  4. Lindsay Burtenshaw, Royal Botanical Gardens
  5. Lindsay Sisko, Kinark Outdoor Centre
  6. Kendra Couling, Ontario Parks
  7. Stephanie Crocker, EcoSource
  8. Jeremy Downe, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  9. Nayna Khalatkhar, Ministry of Education
  10. Natasha Leahy, Ministry of Natural Resources
  11. Leslie Matich, Conservation Halton
  12. Kim McNeilly, Evergreen
  13. Julie Schulenburg, Quinte Conservation
  14. Kelly Schafer, Tim Horton Onondaga Farms / Canadian Chesnut Council
  15. Mike Shantz, Environment Canada
  16. Shannon Stephens, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  17. Tracy Welch, Ducks Unlimited Canada / Otanabee Conservation
  18. Melanie Williams, Toronto and Region Conservation
  19. Ashley Wilson, Lower Trent Conservation
  1. Heather Andrachuk, Environment Canada
  2. Catherine Bickram, Ministry of Natural Resources
  3. Amanda Dam, Maitland Valley Conservation Authority
  4. Jessica daSilva, Biodiversity Section, Ministry of Natural Resources
  5. Karen Dykxhoorn, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  6. Kyra Howes, The Couchiching Conservancy
  7. Jessie James, Kawartha Conservation
  8. Kari Killins, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
  9. Vanessa Kinsley, Friends of the Coves
  10. Andrea Klymko, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  11. Pam Lancaster, Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
  12. Anna Lawson, Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources
  13. Ivan Lee, Ontario Farmland Trust
  14. Jaime Overy, Hamilton Conservation Authority and Conservation Halton
  15. Sharlene Polman, Lower Trent Conservation Authority
  16. Cameron Proctor, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
  17. Lindsay Stroud, Evergreen
  18. Phung Tran, Muskoka Heritage Foundation
  19. Diana Tyner, Crowe Valley Conservation Authority
  20. Catherine Warren, Ontario Parks / Ontario Public Service
  21. Heather Yates, Credit Valley Conservation
  22. Selina Young, Natural Resources Canada
  23. Adriana Hoogenboom, South Nation Conservation
  1. Karyn Cornfield, Mississippi-Rideau (Conservation Authorities) Source Water Protection
  2. Jessica Paterson, ARDEA Research & Consulting
  3. Barbara King, EcoScapes
  4. Nancy Aspden, Kawartha Conservation Authority
  5. Grey Bray, Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
  6. Brenda Van Sleewen, Haliburton Highlands Trust, Ministry of Natural Resources
  7. Pauline Quesnelle, Credit Valley Conservation Authority
  8. Dave Craig, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  9. Twyla Douaire, Ministry of Natural Resources
  10. Joyce Chau, Citizen’s Environment Watch
  11. Alex Phillips, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  12. Andrew Kett, Citizen’s Environment Watch
  13. Jennifer Duggan, Consultant, Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence and Ignatius Old Growth Forest Project
  14. Kelly Krauter, Everygreen
  15. Jessika Corkum, Eco-Source Evergreen Partnership
  16. Josh Van Wieren, St. Lawrence Islands National Parks, Parks Canada Agency
  17. Jamieson Dyer, Warsaw Caves
  18. Katherine Grechuta, Centre for Land & Water Stewardship, University of Guelph
  19. Christine Villegas, Ministry of Natural Resources
  1. Amy Doole, Credit Valley Conservation
  2. Andrea McLeod, City of Mississauga
  3. Clare Mitchell, Ducks Unlimited Canada
  4. Julie Hordowick, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
  5. Julie Lambert, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  6. Kasey Livingston, Caledon Countryside Alliance
  7. Kate Potter, Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation / Conservation Authorities Moraine Coalition
  8. Kim Statham-Bray, City of Toronto
  9. Kristie Virgoe, Kawartha Conservation
  10. Marlene Doyle, EMAN – Environment Canada
  11. Mary Van Sleeuwen, Ontario Parks Planning and Research
  12. Melissa Watkins, Ontario Farmland Trust
  13. Rebecca Hay, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
  14. Sean Watt, Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
  15. Sonia Dong, Citizens Environmental Watch
  16. Tarrah Young, Everdale Environmental Learning Centre
  17. Tim Beckenham, Lower Trent Conservation
  18. Wendy Cooper, Georgian Bay Land Trust
  19. Wendy Strickland, Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF)