2017 Latornell Succession: The Nature of Change
In this Canada’s 150th, we explore the succession of science, knowledge, policy and organisations and the nature of this change on the environment. Many of us identify with natural or ecological succession – the process by which a plant or animal community successively gives way to another, leading to a new state. But the same is true of our organisations, as we have matured in our purpose and knowledge, and have seen leadership transfer to successive generations. The ongoing growth of knowledge through research, monitoring, observation, analyses and education have informed our actions on the ground, the policies we have developed and our legislative responses to emerging challenges.

Through this year’s theme of Succession, we explore the topics of ecological, policy and organisational succession, and continuing contributions to knowledge. Let us explore where we have been, how that has informed who we are today, and where we are headed.

The 2017 Symposium takes place November 21, 22 and 23, 2017 at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre in Alliston, Ontario.

Thursday Panel Announcement

The Latornell Conservation Symposium is happy to announce Steve Paikin will moderate be our Thursday afternoon panel discussion. Listen to the short clip below to learn more about the panel.

For more information about the panel and Steve Paikin, visit the Keynote Speakers & Panel page.

Keynote Speakers & Panel

Carpool Sign Up

Looking to carpool to Latornell? Head over to the Carpool page to sign up as a passenger or driver and connect with other Symposium delegates.

Carpooling will not only help the environment, you’ll be able to create connections before the Symposium starts and after the Symposium ends.

Carpool Sign Up

Choose Your Own Adventure Beer Tasting

One of the Choose Your Own Adventure activities this year is beer tasting event where you’ll be able to sample a variety of beers and learn a little bit about the Ontario craft beer industry. Don’t delay to get your tickets to this event!

Learn More About Beer Tasting Event

Interested in a Pre-Latornell Workshop?

Each year, various groups host special interest workshops the day before the annual Latornell Conservation Symposium. It makes good sense, since the venue is all ours anyhow while the steering committee undertakes Symposium set-up. Here are this year’s workshops:

SMS & 2D Hydraulic (SRH-2D) Modeling
Rekindle the Sparks Conference 2017
Building Confidence: How to Design, Plan and Execute a Low Impact Development Stormwater Monitoring Program
Building Forward: Techniques to Ensure Successful LID Construction, Certification, Inspection, and Maintenance

To learn more on each workshop or if you’re interested in joining us for one and starting your learning early, visit the Pre-Latornell Workshop page.

Pre-Latornell Workshop Information

Registration Now Open

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – registration for the 2017 Latornell Conservation Symposium is officially open! Register by midnight October 11th, 2017, to take advantage of the early rates for this year’s event.

Head over to the Registration page to view the package rates and other relevant registration information.

Register Now

Preliminary Program Now Available

The Program Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 Preliminary Program is available for download. The Committee has done an incredible job of producing a rich and exciting program and was eager to share it with conference delegates.

The Preliminary Program can be found on the 2017 Program page.

2017 Program

Our Partners

Exhibitor Information

The Latornell Conservation Symposium offers two large, well-located exhibit areas, i.e. the Exhibitors’ Galleries A & B and the Conservation Dome.

  • Feature of the Symposium’s kick off Wine and Cheese Reception and the delegates’ Chart Your Own Course event
  • Networking, information sharing and great learning opportunities available to exhibitors.
  • Featured in the Symposium Program and on the Website.

Over 900 delegates, including 252 speakers, attended the 2015 Symposium. Exhibitors are welcome to sign up for any of the plenaries, workshops, field tours, and sessions found within the program.

The floorplan can be viewed here.

Pricing Information

Exhibitor Gallery A

$1,990+ HST
  • $2,100 + HST starting October 12

Exhibitor Gallery B

$1,750+ HST
  • $1,850 + HST starting October 12

Conservation Dome

$950+ HST
  • $1,000 + HST starting October 12

All Exhibits include one complimentary registration to the 3 day Symposium.

For more information, visit the Exhibitor Information page and do not hesitate to contact Karen Anderson, Coordinator of the 2017 event. Karen can be reached at 1-888-274-1364 (karen@allsetinc.com).

 The 2017 Symposium takes place November 21, 22 and 23, 2017 at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre in Alliston, Ontario.

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2016 Presentations Now Available

Presentations from the 2016 concurrent sessions and previous years are available for download.

You can access the presentations here.

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Karen Anderson, Symposium Coordinator
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Email: karen@allsetinc.com
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