Call for Student Moderators

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student in Ontario conducting research on a conservation-related issue or interested in a career in the conservation sector, we encourage you to apply for a Student Moderator role at the 2024 Latornell Conservation Symposium.

Moderator Submissions

Student Moderators will help to manage sessions and workshops, ensure speakers stay within their time limits, moderate Q&As, troubleshoot technical issues, and provide support throughout the event. Moderators will be assigned up to two sessions (half a day) with the freedom to attend sessions and workshops throughout the remainder of the Symposium. In addition to public speaking and presentation experience, moderators will have the chance to meet and network with conservation professionals and industry experts.

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About the 2024 Latornell Conservation Symposium

The Latornell Conservation Symposium offers a unique chance to engage with Conservation Authority staff, professionals, researchers, policymakers, and industry experts across the sector. This year’s theme, COLLABORATION: The Future of Conservation is Collaborative, underscores our dedication to fostering partnerships that drive positive change within the sector.

This event will be held on October 8-9 at Paramount Eventspace in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Registration and Applications

Student Moderators: Moderators will be offered free registration and one night of accommodation.


  • September 6: Application closes
  • September 9: Successful applicants notified
  • September 30: Student Moderators Pre-Symposium Training
  • October 8-9: Latornell Conservation Symposium

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Call for Student Moderators
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