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Latornell Student Poster Competition

The Latornell Conservation Symposium is Canada’s largest gathering of environmental and conservation sector specialists, typically held annually at the Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre. An important part of the Symposium is the annual student poster competition. In response to the ongoing pandemic, the poster competition aspect of the Symposium has taken on a virtual format for 2021 and is being held on May 27th. The Latornell Conservation Symposium has developed a reputation for quality, and is a wonderful experience for students (as well as professors who have a practical bent and an interest in conservation).

The poster session has proven to be an excellent experience for students, as they are engaged by thoughtful questions and comments during the two hour poster session. The student poster presenters are given the opportunity to share their research and pique the interest of potential employers, all while building their personal brand as a burgeoning subject matter expert and flexing their networking muscles.

In addition to presenting completed research, this event also encourages students who are part way through their research to showcase their work to interested professionals working within a diverse number of environmental and conservation fields. The poster competition offers a great forum for them to test out and further explore theories with keen professionals.

Join us on May 27th to submit your questions to the students and vote on your favorite poster and presenter as the 12 selected students are competing to win cash prizes! The Latornell Student Poster Competition is sponsored by R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited. Learn more about R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited below.

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Students have consistently commented on the quality of both the conference experience and the poster session itself, and this year’s virtual format will be no different. As an added benefit to all presenters, the session will be recorded and posted to the Latornell website to increase exposure for all students presenting their work as part of this event!

Poster Presenters

The 12 selected posters are divided between the following three categories/themes:

  • Biodiversity
  • Stewardship
  • Agriculture
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title Category / Theme
Anne-Christine Auge Trent University Impact of urban development on the long-term viability of a Blanding’s turtle population Biodiversity
Martin Mostert York University Canker mortality and survival rate of Juglans cinerea in Toronto, 1995 to 2020 Biodiversity
Sara Baker Queen’s University Analyzing the effectiveness of a fence-culvert ecopassage design on Highway 401, Ontario Biodiveristy
Oriona Nibbs University of Waterloo Wildlife Crossing Structures: Understanding Criteria for Determining Success and Developing a Scorecard Assessment Tool Biodiversity
Graeme Smith Trent University Assessing the role of habitat suitability and connectivity on the functionality of an island metapopulation of Ambystoma salamanders Biodiversity
Lauren Lawson University of Toronto Salty Summertime Streams: Estimates of Impacts to Biological Communities and Threats to Species At Risk from Road Salt in Southern Ontario Stewardship
Tim Alamenciak University of Waterloo How to develop effective ecological restoration techniques for volunteers Stewardship
Shannon James Western University Examining knowledge gaps in the federal environmental assessment process: Investigating the relationship between Western science and Indigenous knowledge Stewardship
Aleksandra Dolezal University of Guelph Re-designing agricultural landscapes: The effect of habitat on arthropod communities Agriculture
Camille Kauffman University of Guelph Urban agriculture as climate change adaptation in the city of Toronto Agriculture
Emily C Sousa University of Guelph Striking a balance: An exploration of voluntary program activities to conserve agricultural biodiversity in southwestern Ontario’s dairy industry. Agriculture
Aidan O’Brien University of Guelph Data as infrastructure for soil carbon conservation Agriculture

Dates to Remember

The posters were added for review on May 19th, 2021. Take the time to view the posters in detail prior to the live event to help prepare your questions for the student presenters.

To help with keeping track of the presentations and determine which poster you want to vote for at the end, you can print this sheet which lists the posters, their order in the agenda, and has a checkbox to mark your top three presenters. Available file formats: PDF | Word

The Student Poster Competition takes place on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 from 10:00 AM until Noon (ET) via Zoom. The event is free and ensure you are registered to reserve your spot!

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Contact Information

For more information, please contact:
Holly Stemberger
Student Poster Committee Coordinator
MSc. Rural Planning and Development Candidate
School of Environmental Design & Rural Development
University of Guelph | 50 Stone Rd E | Guelph, ON | N1G 2W1

Sponsored by Burnside

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R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited are leaders in quality infrastructure, engineering, environmental assessment and planning, design, project management and consulting services that combine innovative and new technologies with proven strategy and implementation. They provide services to the Public, Private, Aboriginal, and International market sectors. The Burnside Environmental Planning and Assessment Team includes Environmental Planners, Biologists, Aquatic Resource specialists, Environmental Scientists and Engineers, and other professionals. Their services include:

  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal EA’s
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Wildlife Habitat Assessments
  • Aquatics and Fisheries Habitat Assessments
  • Ecological Land Classification
  • Wetland Evaluation and Classification
  • Arborist Reports/Tree Studies
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Past Student Poster Presentations


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Anum Khan Ryerson University Detecting “Unflushables” in SMART Sewer Systems 
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Shannon MacDonald University of Toronto Modeling Forest Biomass Using LiDAR Remote Sensing on an Urban Landscape


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Andrew MacDonald University of Waterloo Incorporating Technology into Ontario Protected Areas to Foster Environmentally Informed Visitors
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Emma Drake University of Guelph Measuring Farmland Loss in the Great Lakes Region
Natalya Garrod University of Guelph Water Security Planning with the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Katherine Baird University of Toronto Floristic Quality Assessment for Natural Areas Management in Lake Simcoe Watershed
Jade Dawson Laurentian University Biological Recovery across Gradient of Catchment Reclamation Intensity in the Heavily Smelter-Damaged Lakes of Sudbury, Ontario
Laura Hopkins University of Guelph Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Wetland Restoration Scenarios in the Lynn River Watershed of Norfolk County
Meredith Kadjeski Trent University Seasonality and Landscape Factors Drive Organic Matter Export in Streams of Varying Land Use
Erinn Lee University of Guelph From Policy to Implementation: Expanding the Agricultural Phosphorus Management Toolkit
Tal Litmanovitch University of Toronto Stormwater Pond Sediments: Does Resuspension Affect Retention?
Taylor Livingston University of Guelph Source Water Protection in a Changing Climate
Samantha Mulholland Wilfrid Laurier University Examination of Interactions between Sida Hermaphrodita and Phragmites Australis: Seedling Growth and Mycorrhizal Colonization
Amanda Shamas University of Waterloo The Use of Plant Traits as a Restoration Monitoring Measure: A Practical Approach
Philip Teri University of Guelph Mapping Energy Futures: A Standardized, Community-Based Framework for Local Renewable Energy Planning
Ariola Visha University of Toronto Assessment of the Integrity of Fish Communities in the Great Lakes Area: A Bayesian Perspective
Cindy Yang University of Toronto An Integrative Framework Dynamically Linking Socioeconomic Values with Environmental Concerns


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Rachel Walton University of Guelph A Unified 2-Year Peak Flow Prediction Equation Incorporating Novel Applications of Hydrologic Variables
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Meaghan Mechler University of Waterloo Impacts of Biochar on Soil Health, Crop Yields, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Sarah Minnes Memorial University of Newfoundland Enhancing Source Water Protection in Rural Regions: Exploring the Role of Governance and Capacity Building
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
David Browne University of Guelph Evaluating the Presence of Neonicotinoids in Ontario Groundwater Resources
Ryan Carlow University of Waterloo Phosphorus; How Low Can You Go? The Use of Geotextiles as a Filter for Overland Flow in Agricultural Croplands in Southern Ontario
Eddie Chan University of Waterloo The Reintroduction of Malagousia Grapes on Greek Farms
Diamir de Scally University of Waterloo Integrating Local Knowledge in Adaptation to Climate Hazards
Alison Feist Brock University Dissecting Collaborative Environmental Processes: Examining Qualities, Interactive Effects, and Influences on Outcomes
Jordan Graham University of Guelph Influence of Herbaceous Biomass Crops on Soil Organic Carbon Contents in Ontario Soils
Kirsten Grant University of Waterloo Phosphorus Movement in Frozen and Unfrozen Soils under No-Till Agricultural Management with Different Fertilizer Applications Strategies
Melisa Kopan University of Guelph Estimating Soil Water Budget Uncertainty When Using Discrete Soil Moisture Measurements
Aislin Livingstone University of Guelph A Drop in the Bucket: Building a Better Understanding of Investments Made in Community-Based Water Monitoring
Michael March University of Guelph Assessing Soil Organic Carbon Levels at the Sub-Field Scale in Southwestern Ontario Using a UAV Mounted Multispectral Sensor
Paulina Marczak Queen’s University Improving Predictions of Aboveground Forest Carbon Accumulation Rates in Southeastern Ontario Forest
Sarah Rixon University of Guelph Agricultural Nutrient and Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Daina Anderson University of Waterloo Deciphering the quacks: Exploring the differences in avian community composition in restored and natural wetlands
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Stephanie Worron University of Guelph Rural water and wastewater system management: A look to the north
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Rachael Marshall University of Guelph First Nations’ source water protection: A traditional and technical knowledge collaboration
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Iftekjarul Alam Ryerson University Building a geospatial database for assessing effects of multiple stressors on Ontario inland lakes
Colin Ash Ryerson University Geostatistical modeling of landscape drivers of in-stream chloride concentrations across a gradient of urbanization
Scott Cafarella University of Guelph Exploring urban open space system planning in Ontario: Challenges in managing Ontario’s urban green infrastructure
Scott Gardner University of Guelph A conceptual framework for modeling nitrate contamination and transport in southern Ontario
Elen Lemaitre-Curri Carleton University Payments for Ecosystem Services: taking social networks, distributive impacts, and trust into account
Joshua MacDougall University of Guelph Evaluating retrievals of soil moisture from C-Band SAR to changes in vegetation across two growing seasons
Dan Marshall Wilfrid Laurier University Quantifying relationships between phosphorus availability and mycorrhizal associations in inundated conditions
Pamela Martin University of Toronto Management applications of vegetation composition as monitoring criteria
Kevin McNaughton Georgian College Effects of sodium chloride on iron water main
Ryan Osman University of Guelph A water budget study for agricultural production
Dorian Pomezanski University of Guelph Amphibian tunnel usage patterns in a Guelph suburb
Nicole Radulovic Georgian College Abundance & distribution of visible and microplastic debris on high and low traffic beaches of Lake Simcoe
Shoaib Saleem University of Guelph Nitrate occurrence in groundwater in southern Ontario: A review
Heather Schibli University of Guelph Bioregional design for multiple aggregate extraction site rehabilitation in the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario
Kirti Sehgal University of Toronto Slow the flow: How green is our grey?
Tim Skuse University of Toronto A new agent for the biological control of invasive knotweeds: The psyllid aphalara itadori


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Jessica Correa Trent University Millennial attitudes and perceptions toward car ownership and car sharing
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Ellen Hachborn University of Guelph Measuring Ontario’s groundwater from space
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Linden Fairbairn University of Waterloo Can grassland birds and haying practices better co-exist in Ontario?
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Sabrina Beauchamp University of Guelph The trends and framing techniques used by Canadian newspapers which inform the perceptions of the North American population about climate change impacts on health
Emma Bowley University of Toronto Forest regeneration in Rouge National Urban Park (RNUP): What the future may hold?
Pavneet Brar University of Toronto Comparison of pre-and post-construction characteristics of engineered bioretention media
Melanie Chabot University of Guelph Measuring agricultural surface roughness with terrestrial LiDAR
Christen Dschankilic University of Toronto Natural heritage system planning: is there more to learn?
Gregory Giberson Ryerson University Geospatial estimates of road salt usage across a gradient of urbanizing watersheds in Southern Ontario
Carolina Klabunde University of Guelph Application of biosolids on agricultural fields: An investigation of pharmaceutical and nitrate concentrations in groundwater
Jennifer Leslie University of Guelph A Case Study of the Gully Creek Watershed: Understanding Farmer Nutrient Application Decisions and Beneficial Management Practices
Meaghan Luis University of Guelph Algonquin Park: The challenges of policy implementation in a multi-use park
Christopher Mallon University of Guelph Studying the cost-effectiveness of non-point source pollution control through modeling agricultural nutrient management practice adoption
Cassandra Michel Carleton University Tracer based analysis of groundwater and surface water interactions in the Jock subwatershed, Ontario, Canada
Suzanne Perry University of Toronto Understanding the importance of including dead wood measurements in forest management plans: A case study of the Rouge National Urban Park
Marisa Ramey Carleton University Spatial interpolation and rainfall: assessing interpolation methods over the Rideau Valley Watershed
Sarah Robbins Georgian College Stormwater pond maintenance prioritization tool: Using GIS to prioritize municipal work
Nafisa Sarwath University of Guelph An institutional analysis of the Ontario’s Endangered Species Act
Matthew Williamson University of Guelph The influence of wet snow conditions on the ability of a radiometer to detect the soil freezethaw cycle
David Worden University of Guelph Reducing peaks in drinking water demand in the City of Guelph: Estimating the potential cost savings of delaying water system capacity expansions


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Jack McKee Western University Gauge-radar precipitation merging methods for reliable flood forecasting
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Tricia Stinnissen Trent University Roads, Reptiles and Amphibians on the Bruce Peninsula: Toward Prediction, Mitigation and Recovery
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Andrea Boyer Western University Effects of recurrent inclement weather on a songbird species
Merideth Purcell Trent University Phylogeographic Assessment of Subspecies Ranges of North American Moose
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Claire Coombs University of Guelph Legume cover crops to reduce nitrogen losses in corn systems
Sarah Endicott University of Waterloo Predicting the Spread of European Buckthorn
Roger Holmes Western University Adoption of Agricultural BMP’s to Protect Receiving Stream Invertibrate Populations
Graeme MacDonald University of Guelph Developing In-situ Groundwater Nitrate Sampling Methods
Rachael Marshall University of Guelph Protection of First Nations’ water resources: A groundwater-focused study for decisionmaking and long-term planning relating to alternate drinking water sources
Stephanie Masina University of Guelph Environmental Health Risks in the Canadian North: Acute and Chronic Gastrointestinal Illness in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut
Shegufa Merchant Trent University Transforming plastics into green materials: Replacing crude oil with vegetable oil
Jennifer Mills Georgian College Impacts of Chloride Use in the City of Barrie on Stormwater Ponds
Nishant Mistry University of Guelph Trends of nitrate concentrations in groundwater for variable geological settings in agricultural watersheds
Damilare Ogungbemide Trent University The Efficacy of water-spraying as a fugitive dust control strategy
Sarah Plant Flemming College Exploring Ontario hay management options and their effectiveness at balancing the farming industry and the ecological needs of grassland birds
Ricardo Poulat University of Toronto Carbon offset markets towards conservation of semi-urban forests in southern Ontario
Neil Taylor University of Waterloo Ecohydrology of regenerating cutover peatlands


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Jenn McCallum Trent University Exploring farmers’ motivations for wetland restoration in southern Ontario
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Laura Bell University of Waterloo Mutualism in the Minesing wetlands: the relationship between the Hine’s emerald dragonfly (Somatochlora hineana) and the digger crayfish (Fallicambarus fodiens)
Noah Borges University of Toronto Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Invasive Species in the Niagara Escarpment Plan Area
Claudia Ciotir Trent University Contrasting patterns of phylogeography in disjunct populations of four plant species in Ontario highlight the relevance of genetic novelty to conservation assessments
Yuestas David York University Using Field Measured Parameters with the SWAT Hydrological Model to Quantify Runoff at the Sub-Watershed Level
Emily Drystek University of Guelph Phenotypic variation in natural metapopulations: the contribution of plasticity and genetic differentiation
Kriston Elton University of Waterloo Wildlife and Roadways: Examining the incorporation of wildlife management strategies into Ontario’s road infrastructure
Sarah Endicott University of Waterloo Predicting the Spread of European Buckthorn
Sara Epp University of Guelph Agricultural Resiliency at the Rural-Urban Interface
Diana Guerguieva University of Toronto Developing sustainable forest biomass supply chains for Aboriginal communities
James Johnstone University of Guelph Classification of Municipal Water Systems in Southern Ontario
Colin Khan Queen’s University Enhancing Resilience in Complex Social- Ecological Systems: Social analysis of an Urban Forestry Campaign
Kelsey Lang University of Guelph Integrating Food System Resiliency into Canadian Rural Regions
Julie Mallette York University Planning for environmental health and social well-being in the Credit River Watershed
Clay McMullen Queen’s University Changes in forest composition across the Frontenac Axis, Eastern Ontario, since 1796
Kelly Moores University of Waterloo Forest Health Based Scenario Building as an Accessible Tool for Climate Change Management in Bruce Peninsula National Parks
Erin Murphy-Mills Queen’s University Community-based water monitoring and management: Examining community-based water monitoring programs and activities in Nova Scotia and Southern Ontario
David Nisbet University of Guelph Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis) on Ontario riparian stream invertebrate communities


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Sara Dart Queen’s University Butternut (Juglans cinerea) Planting and Restoration
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Nathaniel Stanger University of Toronto Vegetation gap analysis for the Region of Peel
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Andrew Betts University of Guelph Identification of Salt Vulnerable Areas: A Critical Step in Road Salt Management
Robyn Coleman University of Guelph Predictions of Agroforestry Management and Climate Change Effects on Soil Oprganic Matter using the CENTURY and DAYCENT Models
Michelle DiLeo University of Toronto The influence of landscape on gene flow in the provincially threatened massasauga rattlesnake, Sistrurus c. catenatus 
Teresa Dinh University of Guelph Fire History Reconstruction in High Park’s (Toronto, Canada) Black Oak (Quercus velutina) Savanna: a Dendrochronological Approach to Ecosystem Management
Mark Ferguson University of Guelph Advisory Committee Evaluation for Policy Revision: PNMAC Case Study
James Lane University of Waterloo Exploring the Impact of Wind Turbine Noise on Sleep Quality
Ivana Lung University of Guelph Examining water quality effects of land management practices in an agricultural watershed using a GIS based fully distributed hydrologic model
Gurvinder Mundi University of Guelph Vegetable Wash Water Reuse
Jessica Murray University of Toronto Sustainable Canadian bioenergy feedstock supply chains versus European Union policies
Lauren Overdyk University of Guelph An interdisciplinary approach to comprehensively evaluate entrainment at water usage industries
Michelle Palmer Ontario Ministry of the Environment An Algal Protocol and Diatom Index for Use in Ontario
Steven Parkes University of Toronto Vegetation Based Criteria and Indicators to Assess Forests on the Niagara Escarpment
Roger Phillips University of Toronto Stream power mapping of glacially conditioned catchments in southern Ontario
Swapan Roy University of Guelph Simulation of Soil Water with SHAW in Conventional and No-tillage Land Management Practices 
Angela Saunders University of Guelph KTT project – Turgrass Outreach Project (TOP)
Elizabeth Jane Simmons University of Guelph Deriving Effluent Requirements Using a Watershed-Level Model
Bill Trenouth University of Guelph Capture, Treatment and Control of Highway Runoff Pollutants Using a Novel Field Installation
Lisa Van Waterschoot University of Guelph Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrodynamics and Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystem of Covey Hill, Quebec


Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Amanda Shane Queen’s University Floating Wetlands for Improved Treatment in Stormwater Ponds
Name Affiliation Poster Presentation Title
Erin Jaggard Queen’s University Piecing Together the Environmental Sustainability of Switchgrass for Energy in Southeastern Ontario